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The synergic power of my skills makes me dynamic. I can tackle an array of problems that transcend sector lines. I am able to draw upon and integrate my skills to move individuals, teams, and organizations forward.


I am able to manage programs, projects, and processes as well as lead people effectively. I have experience overseeing long-term and short-term projects, assessing the current state, and planning forward to ensure program success. 


Evaluating root causes and system/process malfunctions, I am able to undergo experimentation to define best practices as well as develop and communicate new findings.​ 

Data Analysis

I utilize data to inform my decision-making. Through performing well-informed analyses, I can identify and gather noteworthy metrics to help understand and cultivate an organization.


I am an effective writer and speaker, with a keen sense of social perceptiveness. I am able to connect with an array of audiences. My strong communication skills also helps me to engage with stakeholders and teammates— creating a collaborative environment.


I can direct, plan, and facilitate activities, including educational and technical functions. In addition, I have the ability to assess performance, monitor progress, give constructive feedback, and motivate individuals to do their best.


I can tactfully prescribe solutions to problems using creativity, change management, improvement science, and system thinking. I am able to restructure workflows to better support the needs of the user.

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